September 29 – On This Day: 29 years since the Estonia ferry disaster in the Baltic Sea

Our paper 29 years ago

Our paper 29 years in the past (Picture: )

29 years in the past (1994) We reported on the Estonia ferry catastrophe within the Baltic Sea, which claimed 852 lives.

Brit Paul Barney described how he was the one survivor as 9 folks tried to hold onto his lifeboat. The vessel was crusing from the Estonian capital Tallinn, to the Swedish capital Stockholm, when it sank in tough seas.

A subsequent inquiry into the tragedy blamed a design flaw within the visor doorways in addition to crew members for delaying the alarm.

100 years in the past (1923) The British Mandate for Palestine got here into impact formally, giving the UK administrative authority over the area misplaced by the Ottoman Turks after the First World Conflict.

The controversial Balfour Declaration established a nationwide homeland for Jews alongside the Palestinian Arabs, who made up nearly all of the inhabitants.

44 years in the past (1979) On a historic go to to Eire, Pope John Paul II referred to as for an finish to sectarian violence within the nation.

He delivered a sermon to greater than 1.25 million folks gathered at Dublin’s Phoenix Park earlier than visiting the city of Drogheda, close to the border with Northern Eire.