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Kim Jong-Un unveils ‘biggest statues in the world’ of his dad and his grandfather

Kim Jong Un orders statues made to honour his father and grandfather

Kim Jong Un orders statues made to honour his father and grandfather (Picture: North Korea)

Kim Jong-Un has commissioned statues of North Korea’s former Supreme Leaders Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung. Kim confirmed off the large statues at a gathering of the Staff‘ Celebration of Korea, the nation’s solely ruling celebration. Kim took over from his father Kim Jong Il in 2011 and has continued the cult of persona and nuclear ambitions established underneath the previous chief’s rule.

Jong Il was the son of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung

The pair are sometimes portrayed collectively in state-produced propaganda art work.

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Kim Jong Un - Vladimir Putin meeting in Russia

North Korea chief Kim Jong Un (Picture: Getty)

The ruling North Korean household are desperate to stress the continuity of the Kim dynasty with every technology portrayed because the pure successor.

Guests to the secretive and closed-off are sometimes handled to a go to to the Mansu Hill Grand Monument.

In April 1972, Kim Jong Il had the monument constructed to mark Kim Il Sung’s sixtieth birthday.

Initially, the large monument featured the “Nice Chief” overlooking Pyongyang alone.

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Later a statue of Kim Jong Il was added after his loss of life.

The statue was initially Kim Jong Il sporting a protracted coat although this was modified to a parka which the dictator was usually seen sporting.

In keeping with South Korean studies, the excessive price of the monument’s building was raised via compelled donations by North Korean staff who have been working abroad.

Kim Jong-Un has continued the legacy of his predecessors, threatening the remainder of the world with nuclear weapons and refusing to democratise the famine-stricken nation.

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